Players Code of Conduct

At Seaside, when an athlete decides to participate in the activity of club volleyball, the player must agree to meet the following standards as representatives of our organization:


Seaside Players Code of Conduct

      • Safety comes first for all participants; nobody goes alone to any destination.
      • Athletes may NOT leave hotel grounds or playing venues without the permission of their respective coach.
      • Rooms are assigned by coaches. Athletes are NOT allowed to switch with each other.
      • Curfews are set by coaches and strictly adhered to.
      • Parent chaperones are there to support the efforts of players and coaches. All decisions by the respective team coach will be adhered to (on or off the court).
      • Athletes will abide by all team rules generally in effect; no screaming, shouting, running, trashing of rooms, hotels, restaurants, no alcohol, cigarettes or drugs of any kind, and ALWAYS act with class.
      • Make sure you leave every place as clean as you found it, if not cleaner (If the coaches have to clean up after you, they will not be happy and neither will you).
      • The team must stay together at all times while at tournaments.
      • Ensure that you have money to buy food (if a concession stand is available) otherwise, and preferably, pack your own lunch from home (sandwiches, fresh fruits and vegetables such as oranges, carrots, celery, cucumbers, etc.). Good athletes stay away from junk food, particularly during tournaments. We recommend that you bring lots of fluids (i.e juices and water)
      • Most of all, avoid doing anything stupid or silly to get the coaches upset, for it makes the trip a very long one, especially for you!