BC Bids on National Team Training Centre

A group of high profile BC Volleyball supporters have teamed up with the Richmond Olympic Oval to bid on bringing the Women’s National Volleyball Team Training Centre to BC.  The “Bring the Team” campaign has been in the works for almost 2 years and is now gearing up for the proposal submission phase of the bid. The “Bring the Team” bid committee consists of a who’s who in the BC Volleyball community including Doug Reimer (UBC Women’s head coach), Rick Hansen (Man-in-Motion), Tom Jones (VBC President), Chris Densmore (VBC Exec Director) and Shane Donen (Seaside VB President) to name a few. “Bring the Team” has been endorsed by numerous BC based National Team Alumni who believe BC would be an ideal location for National Team members to train and reside. If successful, the training centre would be located at the Richmond Olympic Oval, the crown jewel of the Vancouver Olympic Legacy facilities. If successful, the team would move to Richmond in January 2017. For more information on “Bring the Team”, go to www.bringtheteam.ca.