2021 Club Tryouts

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Club Volleyball Information for the 2021 Season

Our team selections are complete for this season are all but completed. 

Updated: Sunday, March 21st, 2021

Club Tryout Details

Tryout Format: This season, due to the pandemic and other reasons, the club pre-signed the majority of the athletes from the previous year. To fill the remainin spots, we opted to use the new Volleyball BC application method, selecting athletes without the need for physical tryouts. We will adopt a similar method for the 2022 season, however, most of the younger age groups will have physical tryouts.

Expanded Age Categories: A few years ago, Volleyball Canada and Volleyball BC introduced a change to the age category rule that Seaside (when applicable) acknowledges. As per the Volleyball BC Handbook, the rules go as follows;

"Athletes born September 1-December 31 of the previous year are permitted to “play down” one age category. Athletes that “play down” may only compete at one Regional Championship, Provincial Championship, and National Championship (all in the same age category)."

"There is no limit to the number of overaged athletes that can compete on a team."

If you are wanting to play in the younger age category based on the above stated guidelines, please make sure you complete the application process or register for tryouts online if applicable. 

Playing Up

Occasionally athletes demonstrate a desire to play up an age level.  At Seaside we will consider moving an athlete up under one or more of the following circumstances;

-The athlete demonstrates superior volleyball skills at their current age level
-The athlete demonstrates the ability to fit in with older athletes at a social level
-The athlete demonstrates the athletic ability to play with older athletes
-The athlete is in the same grade and age level as the older athlete at school
-The athlete has participated in other sports with older athletes
-The club has a specific position to fill at the older age group and is unable to find a qualified player

If a player feels they fit into one or more of these categories, they MUST contact a Seaside coach or official a minimum of 1 week prior to tryouts.  The coach and executive committee will discuss the request and advise the player prior to tryouts whether their request has been approved. 

If the athlete is not selected after the first day for the age group up he or she is trying out for, the athlete will be asked to move back to their current age group tryout session the following day.

What if my daughter/son decides to withdraw from playing for the club?  Once a player has committed to participate with Seaside and has paid club fees, it is assumed by the club that the player will continue playing throughout the season.  The club has committed registration fees, equipment, uniforms, warm-ups and travel arrangements that are not recoverable in the event the athlete quits the club and will be a financial burden to the remaining members of the team.  It is our policy that if a player withdraws from the team after being selected, the player will not receive a refund.