Seaside Grads 2022

Each year, Seaside gives out scholarships to athletes who have been a part of the club for 5 or more years. This season we have a record 12 athletes who filled this category including;

Nick Johnson (Seaside Six-Pack - 7 years)
Kendall Homenick (Seaside Six Pack - 7 years)
George Kordas (Seaside Six Pack - 5 years)
Micah Oldham (Seaside Six Pack - 5 years)
Gabe Ferreira (Seaside Six Pack - 5 years)
Fraser King (Seaside Six Pack - 5 years)
Diya Sharma (Seaside Surf - 8 years)
Mckenna Sutherland (Seaside Surf - 7 years)
Lauren Scoten (Seaside Surf - 7 years)
Sarah Lang-Gould (Seaside Surf - 6 years)
Ally Schill (Seaside Surf - 5 years)
Samahra Pawa (Seaside Surf - 5 years)


Seaside also has several athletes who will be moving on to play post secondary varsity volleyball. These athletes include;

Nick Johnson - UBC
Daniel Lafleur - York University
Kendall Homenick - Western University

Congratulations to all of the recipients and athletes. Best of luck to all of them in their post-secondary and life pursuits.