We’re Turning 15!

In 2018, Seaside Volleyball Club will be turning 15 years old. “It’s hard to believe, and it has come around so quickly” says co-founder and president Shane Donen. “We started with such humble beginnings. Only 4 girls teams, practicing at Morgan Creek Elementary, the school just opened in the past year. Now we have 18 teams, both boys and girls, with a skills program in the fall, a volleyball camp and beach program in the summer. We have become so much a part of the community, it makes us very proud.”

Seaside has evolved into a highly sought after place for your girls and boys to play volleyball. “We are starting to create a legacy, with former alumni now coaching with us and more on the horizon” says Shane. “We see a lot of younger siblings also becoming members. We will soon be seeing our alumni with their own kids!”

To mark the 15th anniversary, the club is launching a commemorative logo and newly update website. We encourage you to explore our website and learn more about us, past, present and future!