Summer Camps Around the Corner

With the indoor club season almost over and beach volleyball about to start, Seaside is in "summer camp" mode. "Summer camps are a very popular season for us" states Shane Donen, Seaside's club president. "There are lots of camp options out there, but we are excited about the expanded offerings we have this year." Seaside has been running a summer camp for many years. This year, the club is taking a different path.

Summer Camp 2018

To meet the demands of our ever growing sport, Seaside is offering 4 weeks' worth of camps. To further enhance the quality of the camps, they will take place on a single court gymnasium (in most cases), with a limited number of participants (maximum 18/camp) to maximize coach/athlete experience. The camps are scheduled for the first two weeks in July and the last two weeks in August. "We opened the camps up to the public at the end of April and registration is very brinks" says Donen. "We expect most of the camps to fill up by the end of June, but there are always exceptions. We are excited for the kids, it will be an unprecedented summer camp season."

For more information on Seaside Volleyball Club summer camps, go to LINK.