Parents Code of Conduct

Parents Code of Conduct

At Seaside, we foster a competitive, developmental and fun culture for our young players. To assist us in enhancing our culture, parents are required to abide by Seaside’s Parent Code of Conduct. Please review the information below;

1. I WILL let the coaches coach: I will respect the coach, the coaching staff and the decisions they make – I will not coach my child in volleyball unless I am one of the designated coaches.

2. I WILL support effective communication and conflict resolution: I will encourage my child to deal with any team issues by speaking to the coach directly – if unresolved, I will address any issues directly with the coach.

3. I WILL help out where I can: I will do my part and commit to volunteer and assist our team when asked, making time whenever I can.

4. I WILL familiarize myself with all the codes: I will review the club’s player & coach’s code of conduct and the rules of the game myself and with my child.

5. I WILL be accountable: I will ensure that my child respects the team rules regarding getting to practice on time, curfew for road trips and general game etiquette – I will do the same.

6. I WILL be a positive role model: I will be a positive role model for sportsmanship and courtesy to the team and other club coaches, officials, players and parents - I will refrain from negative behaviour including taunting, booing or using profanity towards others at games, events and practices. 

7. I WILL respect others in our game: I will respect officials during games and the decisions they make – I will represent Seaside to other clubs and tournament administrators in a professional and respectful manner.

8. I WILL support safe and healthy practices: I will refrain from and discourage any behaviours or practices that could endanger my child or their teammates – I will inform the coaches of any ailments, injuries or debilities that may impede or obstruct my child’s participation.

9. I WILL be my child’s parent: I will not expect the coach to parent my child. That’s my job.

10. I WILL always remember it’s about having fun: I will not force my child to play volleyball, they will play because they want to play – I will encourage my child to work hard and have fun – I will remind them often that I love to watch them play!